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We deliver moments that matter

Princess Cruises is the world’s largest premium cruise line and the reason why is very clear: we deliver a product that always exceeds expectations. Our crew has a lot to do with our success.

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Our Shared Purpose

For more than 50 years, Princess Cruises has earned a reputation for service excellence. Now we’re building on this legacy to focus on inspiring guest experiences. It all starts with our Shared Purpose, or what we have all come together to do. This common goal is what sets us apart from other lines to deliver a unique Princess Cruises experience.

“To share our world, share our hearts and create lasting memories.”

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Core Values

Our Core Values guide our decisions and make clear what we stand for as a company. Everything we do to deliver on our Shared Purpose begins with our Core Values. They guide our actions and expectations on board and at sea.

•    We serve. We create relaxed and memorable experiences.
•    We respect our team. We treat each other was we wish to be treated.
•    We innovate. We are always thinking of new ways to improve.
•    We are consistent. We deliver a reliable product every time.
•    We Are Accountable. We take responsibility for our own performance and use resources wisely.
•    We do it right. We care about what we do and how we do it.

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CRUISE. Memorable Moments, Created by You.

CRUISE helps provide guidance and training. It encourages us to work together so that we can go above and beyond to deliver memorable vacation experiences that keep guests coming back cruise after cruise.

In the past, CRUISE has focused on the service standards necessary to deliver great service to our guests. But these days, even great service is not enough. Guests expect great service. What they don’t always expect is how many of you go above and beyond your duties to create experiences for our guests that could happen nowhere else. CRUISE is meant to train, encourage and celebrate these achievements to go above and beyond our service essentials, recognizing that we can only do this by working together.

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CRUISE Service Essentials

Today, the CRUISE Program works to create experiences that go beyond the high service standards expected. CRUISE ensures that from the first impression to the last, each encounter with a guest has the potential to be the one that matters most.

Our CRUISE Service Essentials are meant to provide guidance both shoreside and at sea to help us best deliver on this promise to our guests:

•    Safety first. Always. The safety of our guests, employees and the environment is always our first priority.
•    Put your heart into it. Treat each interaction as an opportunity to build an emotional connection.
•    One team.  One dream. Despite different responsibilities and roles, always remember we’re all working for the same goal.
•    Own it and resolve it. Step up and take responsibility and follow through until it’s right.
•    Surprise, delight and value every guest. The best memories come from delivering experiences that exceed what’s expected.
•    Know your ship from stem to stern. Help our guests make the most of our world. Understand and share all we have to offer.

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